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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 230-239:
The abstinence of Aaron
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Summoner's Tale
lines 240-253: The abstinence of Jesus

240        Oure Lord Jhesu, as hooly writ devyseth,
Yaf us ensample of fastynge and preyeres -
Therfore we mendynantz, we sely freres -
Been wedded to poverte and continence,
To charite, humblesse, and abstinence,
245To persecucioun for rightwisnesse,
To wepynge, misericorde, and clennesse.
And therfore may ye se that oure preyeres -
I speke of us, we mendynantz, we freres -
Been to the hye God moore acceptable
250Than youres, with youre feestes at the table.
Fro Paradys first, if I shal nat lye,
Was man out chaced for his glotonye;
And chaast was man in paradys, certeyn.
240       Our Lord Christ, as the holy writ apprises,
Gave us example of fasting and of prayers.
Therefore we mendicants, we simple friars,
Are married to poverty and continence,
To charity, meekness, and abstinence,
245To persecution for our righteousness,
To weeping, pity, and to cleanliness.
And therefore may you see that all our prayers -
I speak of us, we mendicants, we friars -
Are to the High God far more acceptable
250Than yours, with all the feasts you make at table.
From Paradise, if I am not to lie,
Was man chased out because of gluttony;
And chaste was man in Paradise, that's plain.

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