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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 221-229:
The abstinence of Moses
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Summoner's Tale
lines 230-239: The abstinence of Aaron

230        Aaron, that hadde the temple in governaunce,
And eek the othere preestes everichon,
Into the temple whan they sholde gon
To preye for the peple, and do servyse,
They nolden drynken in no maner wyse
235No drynke which that myghte hem dronke make,
But there in abstinence preye and wake,
Lest that they deyden. Taak heede what I seye!
But they be sobre that for the peple preye,
War that - I seye namoore, for it suffiseth.
230       Aaron, who ruled the temple of his nation,
And all the other great priests, every one,
When they into the temple would be gone
To pray there for the folk and do their rites.
They would not drink of that which man excites
235And makes him drunk or stirs in any way,
But there in abstinence they'd watch and pray
Lest they should die - to what I say take heed! -
Were they not sober when they prayed, indeed.
Beware my words. No more! for it suffices.

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