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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 240-253:
The abstinence of Jesus
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Summoner's Tale
lines 254-283: The friar insists on a fair donation

       But herkne now, Thomas, what I shal seyn.
255I ne have no text of it, as I suppose,
But I shal fynde it in a maner glose,
That specially oure sweete Lord Jhesus
Spak this by freres, whan he seyde thus:
'Blessed be they that povere in spirit been.'
260And so forth al the gospel may ye seen,
Wher it be likker oure professioun,
Or hirs that swymmen in possessioun.
Fy on hire pompe and on hire glotonye!
And for hir lewednesse I hem diffye.
       But listen now, Thomas, lest I speak in vain.
255I have no text for it, I must admit,
But by analogy the words will fit,
That specially our sweet Lord Christ Jesus
Spoke of the begging friars when He said thus:
'Blest are the poor in spirit.' So said he,
260And so through all the gospel may you see
Whether the Word fit better our profession
Or theirs, the monks', who swim in rich possession,
Fie on their pomp and on their gluttony!
And for their lewdness do I them defy.
265        My thynketh they been lyk Jovinyan,
Fat as a whale, and walkynge as a swan,
Al vinolent as botel in the spence.
Hir preyere is of ful greet reverence,
Whan they for soules seye the psalm of Davit;
270Lo, 'buf!' they seye, 'cor meum eructavit!'
Who folweth Cristes gospel and his foore,
But we that humble been, and chaast, and poore,
Werkeris of Goddes word, nat auditours?
Therfore, right as an hauk up at a sours
275Up springeth into th'eir, right so prayeres
Of charitable and chaste bisy freres
Maken hir sours to Goddes eres two.
Thomas! Thomas! So moote I ryde or go,
And by that lord that clepid is seint Yve,
280Nere thou oure brother, sholdestou nat thryve.
In our chapitre prayer we day and nyght
To Crist, that he thee sende heele and myght
Thy body for to weelden hastily."
265       It seems to me they're like Jovinian,
Fat as a whale and waddling as a swan;
As full of wine as bottle in the spence.
Their prayers are always of great reverence,
When they for souls that psalm of David say:
270Cor meum eructavit- bouf!'- that way!
Who follow Christ's Word going on before
But we who are so humble, chaste, and poor,
And doers of God's Word, not hearers, merely?
As falcons rise to heaven, just so clearly
275Spring up into the air the holy prayers
Of charitable and chaste and toiling friars
Make their way upward into God's ears two.
Thomas, O Thomas! As I ride or go,
And by that lord whom all we call Saint Yve,
280Were you not brother to us, you'd not thrive!
In our chapter we pray both day and night
To Christ, that He will send you health and might
To move about again, and speedily."

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