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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 492-511:
The insulted friar is chased away by Thomas' servants and meets the lord of the village
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Summoner's Tale
lines 512-535: The friar shares his thoughts with his hosts

       "I have," quod he, "had a despit this day,
God yelde yow, adoun in youre village,
That in this world is noon so povre a page
515That he nolde have abhomynacioun
Of that I have receyved in youre toun.
And yet ne greveth me nothyng so soore,
As that this olde cherl with lokkes hoore
Blasphemed hath oure hooly covent eke."
520       "Now, maister," quod this lord, "I yow biseke, - "
       "No maister, sire," quod he, "but servitour,
Thogh I have had in scole that honour.
God liketh nat that 'Raby' men us calle,
Neither in market ne in youre large halle."
525       "No fors," quod he, "but tel me al youre grief."
       "Sire," quod this frere, "and odious meschief
This day bityd is to myn ordre and me,
And so, per consequens, to ech degree
Of hooly chirche - God amende it soone!
530       "Sire," quod the lord, "ye woot what is to doone.
Distempre yow noght, ye be my confessour;
Ye been the salt of the erthe and the savour.
For Goddes love, youre pacience ye holde!
Tel me youre grief." And he anon hym tolde,
535As ye han herd biforn - ye woot wel what.
       "I have," said he, "insulted been today-
May God reward you!- down in your village.
And in this world is not so poor a page
515As would not feel the insult, if 'twere thrown
At him, that I have suffered in your town.
Yet nothing grieves me in this matter more
Than that this peasant, with his long locks hoar,
Has thus blasphemed our holy convent too."
520       "Now, master," said his lordship, "I pray you, -"
       "No master, sir," said he, "but servitor,
Though true, I had in school such honour, sir.
But rabbi- God's not pleased that men so call
Us, in the public square or your wide hall."
525       "No matter," said he, "tell me all your grief."
       "Sir," said this friar, "an odious mischief
Was this day done to my order and me,
And so, per consequens, to each degree
Of Holy Church, may God it soon amend!"
530       "Sir," said the lord, "the story I attend.
As my confessor, pray your wrath control;
Salt of the earth are you- the savour whole.
For love of God, I beg you patience hold;
Tell me your grievance." And anon he told
535As you have heard before, you know well what.

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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 536-551:
The lady of the house agrees on the churlishness of Thomas' behaviour