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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 556-570:
A squire called Damian is at the wedding party
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Merchant's Tale
lines 571-582: January doesn't know Damian likes Maia

       O perilous fyr, that in the bedstraw bredeth!
O famulier foo, that his servyce bedeth!
O servant traytour, false hoomly hewe,
Lyk to the naddre in bosom sly untrewe,
575God shilde us alle from youre aqueyntaunce!
O Januarie, dronken in plesaunce
In mariage, se how thy Damyan,
Thyn owene squier and thy borne man,
Entendeth for to do thee vileynye.
580God graunte thee thyn hoomly fo t'espye!
For in this world nys worse pestilence
Than hoomly foo al day in thy presence.
       O dangerous fire that in the bedstraw breeds!
O foe familiar that his service speeds!
O treacherous servant, false domestic who
Is most like adder in bosom, sly, untrue,
575God shield us all from knowing aught of you!
O January, drunk of pleasure's brew
In marriage, see how now your Damian,
Your own trained personal squire, born your man,
Wishes and means to do you villainy.
580God grant that on this household foe you'll spy!
For in this world no pestilence is worse
Than foe domestic, constantly a curse.

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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 583-653:
The consummation of the marriage