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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 589-622:
A theory on dividing the indivisible fart
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Summoner's Tale
lines : The squire has earned his reward

       The lord, the lady, and ech man, save the frere,
Seyde that Jankyn spak, in this matere,
625As wel as Euclide dide or Ptholomee.
Touchynge the cherl, they seyde, subtiltee
And heigh wit made hym speken as he spak;
He nys no fool, ne no demonyak.
And Jankyn hath ywonne a newe gowne. -
630My tale is doon; we been almost at towne.
       The lord, the lady, and each man, save the friar,
Agreed that Jenkin spoke, as classifier,
625As well as Euclid or as Ptolemy.
Touching the churl, they said that subtlety
And great wit taught him how to make his crack.
He was no fool, nor a demoniac.
And Jenkin by this means has won a gown.
630My tale is done, we're almost into town.

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