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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 425-456:
The friar insists on cajoling Thomas out of gold
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Summoner's Tale
lines 457-479: Thomas offers the friar something on the condition that he divides it equally among the other friars

       This sike man wax wel ny wood for ire;
He wolde that the frere had been on-fire,
With his false dissymulacioun.
460"Swich thyng as is in my possessioun,"
Quod he, "that may I yeve yow, and noon oother.
Ye sey me thus, how that I am youre brother?"
       This sick man, he went well-nigh mad for ire;
He would have had that friar set afire
For the hypocrisy that he had shown.
460"Such things as I possess and are my own,"
Said he, "those may I give you and no other.
You tell me that I am as your own brother?"
       "Ye, certes," quod the frere, "trusteth weel.
I took oure dame oure lettre with oure seel."
465       "Now wel," quod he, "and somwhat shal I yive
Unto youre hooly covent whil I lyve;
And in thyn hand thou shalt it have anon,
On this condicion, and oother noon,
That thou departe it so, my deere brother,
470That every frere have also muche as oother.
This shaltou swere on thy professioun,
Withouten fraude or cavillacioun."
       "I swere it," quod this frere, "by my feith!"
And therwithal his hand in his he leith,
475"Lo, heer my feith; in me shal be no lak."
       "Now thanne, put in thyn hand doun by my bak,"
Seyde this man, "and grope wel bihynde.
Bynethe my buttok there shaltow fynde
A thyng that I have hyd in pryvetee."
       "Yea, truly," said the friar, "trust me well;
I gave your wife a letter with our seal."
465       "That's well," said he, "and something will I give
Unto your holy convent while I live,
And right anon you'll have it in your hand,
       On this condition only, understand,
That you divide it so, my own dear brother,
470That every friar shall have as much as other.
This shall you swear upon the faith you own,
And without fraud or cavil, be it known."
       "I swear it," said this friar, "on my faith!"
And on the sick man's laid his hand therewith.
475"Lo, hear my oath! In me shall truth not lack."
"Now then, come put your hand right down my back,"
Replied this man, "and grope you well behind;
For underneath my buttocks shall you find
A thing that I have hid in privity."

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