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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 136-171:
The friar complains about their small church contribution and attendance
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Summoner's Tale
lines 172-189: Thomas' wife offers the friar a meal and says their son has recently died

       "Now, maister," quod the wyf, er that I go,
What wol ye dyne? I wol go theraboute."
       "Now, master," said the wife, "before I go,
What will you eat? I will about it scoot."
       "Now dame," quod he," now je vous dy sanz doute,
175Have I nat of a capon but the lyvere,
And of youre softe breed nat but a shyvere,
And after that a rosted pigges heed -
But that I nolde no beest for me were deed -
Thanne hadde I with yow hoomly suffisaunce.
180I am a man of litel sustenaunce;
My spirit hath his fostryng in the bible.
The body is ay so redy and penyble
To wake, that my stomak is destroyed.
I prey yow, dame, ye be nat anoyed,
185Though I so freendly yow my conseil shewe.
By god! I wolde nat telle it but a fewe."
       "Now, sire," quod she, "but o word er I go.
My child is deed withinne thise wykes two,
Soone after that ye wente out of this toun."
       "Now, dame," said he then, "je vous dis, sans doute,
175Had I of a fat capon but the liver,
And of your soft white bread naught but a sliver,
And after that a pig's head well roasted
Except that I would no beast for me were dead,
Then had I with you plain sufficiency.
180I am a man of little gluttony.
My spirit has its nourishment in the Bible.
My body is so inured and so pliable
To watching, that my appetite's destroyed.
I pray you, lady, be you not annoyed
185Though I so intimately my secret show;
By God, I would reveal it to but few."
       "Now, sir," said she, "but one word before I go;
My child has died within this fortnight- oh,
Soon after you left town last, it did die."

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From The Summoner's Tale, lines 190-220:
The friar says he saw his death in revelation and explains this friarly power of sudden revelation by strict abstinence